Nationals Logo : Hidden letters in the "W"?

By chiefsfan

Take a look at the “W” on the front of your National’s hat and tell me if you see what I think I see…..At first glance it appears to be straight forward enough, closely resembling the Walgreens’ logo.  Upon closer inspection, I believe there is more to this than meets the eye.  Turn the hat on it’s side, with the brim facing to the left and one will immediately notice the letter “N” stacked on top of a lower case “e”.  It would appear that this is a nod to the Nationals, as well as les Expos.  No big deal, right?  Now, put the hat on and look in the mirror.  When you do this, the letter “S” becomes visible on the right side of the hat for Senators.  If one looks into the reflection even further, there appears to be 3 letters spelling the word LeS, another nod to the aforementioned Expos (les expos).  There also appears to be the number 6 hidden in the logo when turned to the right in the mirror.  Take a look and judge for yourself….Am I seeing things?  Did I miss anything else?

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