Brent Morel: Just Another White Sox Player Not Performing

With the month of June wrapping up, I still don’t know how I feel about the White Sox third base situation. Brent Morel is hitting .253 with just 1 HR and 15 RBI. Not to mention his OBP is a sad .267. Not to mention that Tuesday night was the second time Morel has walked all season. I keep hearing by different sports experts that Morel is a great talent, and his real numbers will show up in the years to come. That may be the case and I may not be giving Morel enough time to really show what he can be.

He plays a pretty decent third base. His defense has definitely not cost the White Sox any games, and he does make the highlight reel play every now and then. I guess a lot of my criticism of Morel is because I watched Joe Crede handle the hot corner for a large portion of my life as a White Sox fan. When I look at Crede’s offensive numbers during his time on the Sox I see that they were not eye popping. Crede’s best year hitting came in 2006 when he hit .283 with 30 HR and 94 RBI. Other than that Crede was really around a .255 hitter. I believe that with the way Crede tended to be so clutch in many spots I was blinded to his mediocre numbers. The one thing Crede did do that made him such a cornerstone of the White Sox for those years is have fantastic defense. Crede would win more games with his glove than with his bat. 2005 in particular, and more specific, the playoffs he showed some amazing glove work.

Again, I want to reiterate that I am in no way saying that Brent Morel needs to be the next Joe Crede. I just believe that my patience for Morel runs thin when I constantly see him not performing at the plate. I really hope that what everyone says about Morel becoming a stellar third basemen comes true in the years to come, but with almost the entire team struggling to hit, Morel just gets lost in the shuffle of under-performing White Sox.

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  • Matt Hoeppner

    I hate to tell you this but you are making the same mistake many baseball fans make. Brent Morel is probably the last guy on the team that should garner criticism. You need to think big picture and long term. If at the start of the year I told you Morel was going to hit .250 and play a solid 3rd base you would have been fine with it. That is because he is a rookie who was supposed to be batting 9th. I told all my Sox friends before the year started, “If we ever start talking about Morel’s offense, it means the Sox have big problems.” They do, they are named Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Juan Pierre, Gordon Beckham. These are the guys that need to pick it up. Morel is a project and quite frankly reminds me a lot of Crede’s first season, with a little less pop. Heck even Robin Ventura, probably the Sox best offensive third basemen of all time started his career like 0-43. Morel isn’t tearing the cover off the ball, but he wasn’t expected too, other guys were. That is the Sox issue, not Brent Morel.

    • michael.turano

      Totally agree with you 100%. The problem I have is that Morel is sometimes hitting in the 2 spot. Not to mention his second walk of the year came on June 28th. Again, I do agree with you that the kid is a rookie and may have some amazing years in the future. It’s just frustrating that he isn’t having a better year. I agree that he isn’t the White Sox main problem, and that expecting a lot from a rookie isn’t fair, it would just be great if he was having a better year at the plate.