Hey Hey, What A Difference A Series Makes

By chrisrundell

So, apparently the Cardinals listened to my last blog. On Wednesday, they gave Ryan Franklin his release thank God. I know we’re all surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Even Franklin himself called the decision a “relief.” Be that as it may, it’s important to remember that Franklin was a major asset for the club the last three years, even becoming an All-Star in 2009. It kinda bothers me the way fans booed him this year. He sucked. I know this. I wanted him to be released or sent down to Memphis because he was just taken up a roster spot. But I never would have booed him while attending a game. St. Louis fans are usually better than that. Like I’ve said many times before, it’s not like he wasn’t trying. He’s in his late thirties and eventually a players skills begin to decline. He can’t be blamed for that. Just my opinion. You can read more about the Franklin decision here.

So, since Monday two major components, David Freese and Nick Punto, came off the DL and, combined with the release of Franklin, the Cards look like a brand new team. They have completely destroyed the Baltimore Orioles and just look rejuvenated in general. Chris Carpenter has had back-to-back fantastic outings and heck, he’s even getting some run support.

Now, the last piece of the puzzle is to make a solid trade. No more “projects” where they try to turn someone who is having an awful season into a consistent producer. Granted, nobody does this better than the Cardinals. They’ve resurrected more careers in the past 10 years than they have won division titles and that’s a wonderful thing. But with all the injuries and the struggles they have faced so far here in 2011, they need to pay the extra cash, give up a couple prospects and trade for a proven star who is having a great year. I keep hearing rumors about J.J. Hardy (moving Ryan Theriot over to second and improving the defense) and closer Heath Bell. I’d be happy with either of those guys but, by the poll available on this site, it seems most of you agree with me that we need some relief help. Speaking of…

Lance Lynn looks good and struck out five of seven betters the other day. Maybe he’s the guy the bullpen needs and the club can upgrade with a trade for someone like Hardy. Regardless, baseball is the most unpredictable sport in the world. Three weeks ago the Cards had the best record in baseball. Three days ago the Cards looked like the worst team in baseball. Now they look like a first place team again, got rid of poor Franklin, had a great outing by Lance Lynn and saw the return of their utility infielder and starting third baseman.

Baseball, what can I say, it’s crazy.

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