Everybody Loves Juan...For Now

By Michael Turano

So for the past week or so, Juan Pierre has gone from the player that everyone hates, to the player that everyone…doesn’t hate so much. The past two games that the White Sox have won have come off the game winning RBI’s off Pierre’s bat. Thursday’s game winning 2 RBI single, that should have been extra bases if the runners didn’t have to hold, was a clutch spot for Pierre. Possibly an even bigger stage for Pierre was the 2 run triple that he hit in the right field corner of Wrigley Field to give the Sox a 3 game winning streak and help take game one against the Cubs.

I don’t want to jump the gun and say that Juan Pierre is back and all of the worries the Sox and fans had about him should be washed away with this recent success. But, the fact is, over the past week Pierre has been fantastic, being a key in Sox recent wins. Over the last 7 games, Pierre is hitting an astounding .435 (10 for 23), with 3 of those hits coming for extra bases, and driving in 6 very big runs. He also stole a base in the 6-4 win against Colorado, which was his first steal since Junes 1st. I have heard many people say that the White Sox will need Pierre to win the division. He is the type of player that Ozzie loves, and having him at the top of the lineup is just how Ozzie wants his team set up.

I still believe that there is a very good chance that Viciedo gets his call up to the Sox sometime soon and that spells the end for Juan Pierre. Despite with this recent success, I don’t believe that he can keep it up enough for this team to stay successful. Even though it was not going to be what Ozzie wants, he will have to have a different type of lead-off hitter in order for there to be more production in his lineup. We will see how everything unfolds as the All-Star break nears. If Pierre can keep up his hot streak and produce now and into the second half, maybe Viciedo stays in the minors and then Ozzie gets to keep his lead-off hitter. Only time will tell.

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