Hank Conger Still The Future for the Angels

By RantSports Staff

Hank Conger is one of the better catching prospects in baseball, and even though he’s come up and struggled a little bit- fans still shouldn’t refer to the young lefty a bust. The kid is still insanely young, and frankly…has the tools to be an outstanding two way catcher. All young catchers have to go through a serious process of learning how to call a game at the league level. That’s first priority, and takes a ton of time to do well. On top of that, he has to learn how to hit at the big league level. Every so often a Joe Mauer comes around, but as we’ve seen with talented Matt Wieters in Baltimore, it takes time.

Hank Conger should be an important piece moving forward for this ball club. Left handed power potential hitting catchers just don’t come along all that often, and what makes Conger more special- is how he’s been able to handle some talented arms on the pitching staff. It doesn’t hurt that his manager is a former stud major league catcher, and that’s why I have all the confidence in the world that Hank Conger is going to be a good one. Time is something that he should be given. Let him continue hitting lower in the order, making his mistakes at the plate, and allowing him to learn on the fly. As long as his defense is good- he needs to be out there.

Just remember…it takes catchers a lot more time to turn into a star, and the Angels are lucky enough to have a young kid like Conger who has that kind of ceiling.

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