Chicago Cubs' Fans Planning Walkout?

By RantSports Staff

I went to the Chicago Cubs game on Sunday. I’m not sure why outside of the fact a family member was nice enough to give me a free ticket, and the fact they were playing the Chicago White Sox didn’t hurt my decision. While I was at the game, I was able to interact with a group of Cubby faithful fans. It was then I heard some very interesting news. This particular group of fans (about 8), were going to try and plan a fan walk out of an upcoming home game if there A) isn’t a fire sale, B) Jim Hendry and Mike Quade have jobs, and C) if they don’t start winning games.

This is obviously pretty big news because fan walk outs don’t happen everyday. I recall it happening to a MLB team a few years back, but for the life of me- I can’t remember who it was. Cleveland potentially? If someone can help me recall this memory- that would be great.

Here are the problems behind this theory. Yes I know that the Cubs fanbase is very frustrated with how things are going from the top, all the way down to the bottom. Yes, I think it’s time for the Cubs to over load their entire front office, and managerial staff. But a fan walk out? By a fan base whose loyalty has been the butt of every joke for the last 100 plus years?

Problem 1- Starlin Castro. Castro is this teams brightest star, and it’s oober important to lock him up NOW. Evan Longoria style. Get him under a 7 or 8 year deal. But what if Castro is so upset by a fan lock out that he decides that he should take his talents elsewhere? I mean a fan walk out would serve major problems on any players psyche.

Problem 2- Free agents. This winter, the Cubs have a ton of money coming off the books which supposedly makes them a front runner to land either Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder. Neither one would ever come to the Cubs if the fans turned their backs on the players because their going to be high in demand, and very wealthy at seasons end. Looking at the fan base leaving the team? Why would they come?

Again, I understand the fans’ frustration because I’m just as frustrated. I do believe a fire storm is needed, and get back everything you can in return. This team is not going to win, and even worse? The players look so un-energized. They look like their headed to the dentist rather than playing baseball. However, I don’t know if I could support a fan walk out because the damage would be over the course of several years. Instead of walking out? Stop buying tickets. Stop supporting them. The Ricketts know where they stand right now, they’re not completely dense. It’s one thing to stick it to the ownership for being terrible owners. It’s another thing to let the rest of the baseball world know we’re giving up.

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