Is Peter Bourjos the Best Center Fielder In Baseball?

By RantSports Staff

Peter Bourjos has been a stud defensively since he was given the job full time by the Angels. Obviously, they felt like he would be a good one to move Torii Hunter out of the position, and so far- so good. Bourjos has been making highlight reel catches almost every game, but what makes him special is his ability to track down balls in the gaps while making them routine. Watching him play the position has been a lot of fun, and he reminds me of watching Andrew Jones playing Center early in his career.


The question I have for anyone right now is simply…Is Peter Bourjos the best center fielder in baseball right now. I’d have to say he’s very much in that conversation. He has to be. His blazing speed and highlight catches are easy to point out, but what about his ability to turn base hits into outs? Covering more ground helps his corner outfielders shade towards the lines which also take away hits. Bourjos is changing the way the Angels are playing defensively, and that’s not only helping the defense, but it’s taking some pressure off of an offense to really bash.

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