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Oakland A’s Offense Ruins McCarthy’s Return

Brandon McCarthy made his return from the DL yesterday only to earn his 5th loss of the year. McCarthy actually pitched a pretty good game in his return. He only gave up 2 runs in his 6.2 innings of baseball. Plus McCarthy struck out 5 while only allowing 4 hits. Too bad he pitches for the Oakland Athletics.

Granted the A’s were facing a really good pitcher in Michael Pineda but only managing 3 hits over 9 innings is terrible. Then again is there another word that describes the A’s offense this season?

I am curious what the relationship is between the pitching staff and the position players. I would be ticked if I was an A’s pitcher and doing my job day in and day out giving my team a shot winning only to have the offense cost us the game. If there isn’t a little bit of a rift in the locker room I think there should be. Someone has to step up and get in the offense’s ear. They are killing this team.