Moscoso is Venezuelan for...

By joshuarussell

Isn’t it crazy how the hottest pitcher on the A’s (arguably) is a guy whose name I have to speak slowly to pronounce – Guillermo Moscoso. Did I get that right?

Well, Moscoso is getting it right. He sure got it right today, baffling the Mariners through 7 innings of 2-hit, zero run baseball. Take that King Felix!

Moscoso could be one of the best stories for this disappointing A’s season to date. A relative unknown, Moscoso was traded to the A’s in January of 2011 for a pitcher named Ryan Kelly.

Even though Moscoso has a 3-4 record, three out of the four losses, Moscoso gave up two runs or less (twice he gave up one run). Perhaps we can put some blame on the A’s offense… again!

But with a 3-4 record through 10 games (8 started), Moscoso has an ERA of 2.16 giving up 12 earned runs, which puts Moscoso tops among current A’s starters even above All-Star Gio Gonzalez and his 2.31 ERA.

However you pronounce it, Moscoso is Venezuelan for ‘lights out’, or was it ‘masterful’. In any case, no matter how Tyson Ross does in his rehab assignment, you cannot take this guy out of the rotation.

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