2011 Cubs Rally Mirrors that of the 2008 Playoff Cubs

By johnnardulli

On Thursday night the Cubs headed into the last game of the series versus the Nationals trying to avoid a four game sweep. With the season going from bad to worse in the early part of July, there has not been much for fans to be proud of. On rare occasion do they ever get to experience games that are played well or that are flat out entertaining. They are few and far between but there have been a couple that have stood out. First would be Doug Davis shutting down the Yankees, second would be Rodrigo Lopez stunning the White Sox and now tonight can be included with a huge comeback rally to defeat the Washington Nationals.

Starting on the mound was Matt Garza who did not come with his greatest stuff and it quickly showed as the Cubs were down 8-0 by the 4th inning.  When all hope was lost and the game seemed to be one of the worst of the season (3 errors and 8 ER through 4 IP) the Cubs produced the greatest rally since the 2008 Cubs. That year the team came back from a 9-1 deficit to defeat the Colorado Rockies in almost the same fashion as the Cubs did tonight. Both starting pitchers were rocked and considered our top of the rotation starters. Both nights had the rally come in the 7th inning and were capped off by a 2 run homer to tie the game. I know these are all coincidences but they make for a great story. They also remind fans that baseball can be entertaining even if your team is 18 games below .500 and have a rating of 0.0% chance to make the playoffs (before the start of the game).

Other than the similarities of the 8 run rallies from 2008 to 2011 there is not much else that can be compared to that team. It was fun to watch every game in 2008 because the team never gave up and were was considered a title contender. In no way is this team even comparable to that team. Some games are just dreadful to watch and there is always a feeling that they are out of a game once they go behind. Cub fans do not deserve that… no baseball fan does. Let’s hope changes are coming and that this team can provide us some entertainment for the last half of the season. Maybe a few more big rallies like tonight or even just a team that looks like they are having fun on the field would suffice!


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