Brett Anderson and the Dreaded Two Words... Tommy John

By joshuarussell

He is one of the leaders of the Oakland A’s pitching staff. He just signed a multi-year extension. He is the face of the new-look, pitching-heavy A’s. But most significant is that Brett Anderson is now out for up to two years as a result of Tommy John surgery.

What a devastating blow to the A’s. Who cares that they have depth at starting pitching. I am not willing to rely on Rich Harden for years to come. Anderson is one of the faces of the A’s. Along with Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez, they make up the young core of this team.

The young core has now been cut by 1/3 instantaneously.

Brett Anderson is hopeful as he tweeted earlier today @BrettAnderson49 Hoping for a good recovery. Gonna work hard to get back.

Wishful thinking. A 12-18 month rehab puts him back in the rotation with, I’m sure, almost an entirely different lineup. Maybe that’s Anderson’s strategy – stay away until the A’s find a way to hit. Of course I kid.

But, by the time Anderson gets back we could be looking at Jemile Weeks and Kurt Suzuki as the only two likely position players in the lineup. Crazy!

So best of luck on a speedy recovery to Brett Anderson and let’s hope A’s fans do not take this news too badly. All in stride…

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