Who will be the First A's Player to go?

By danielburt

With the deadline approaching and the A’s record lowering we should be fairly certain that a trade is on it’s way. So who will be the first player to go?

Here are a few candidates.

David DeJesus: DeJesus has had a very bad season so far. However he has had a solid career to this point. My guess is there will be a team willing to take a chance on him. He will probably come pretty cheap and would be a nice fit on a contending team that needs another outfielder.

Coco Crisp: Crisp has put up solid numbers all year. Any team looking for a decent bat with some good speed on the bases will be calling for Crisp. The A’s probably won’t get a ton for him but there will be several teams interested and that could drive up the cost.

Hideki Matsui: Even though he has been terrible thus far I could easily see him picked up to be a pinch hitter. Not sure there is a contending team that would want him as their starting DH or starting outfielder but as a back up he could be invaluable on a contender.

Brian Fuentes: With so many teams looking for relief pitching a guy like Fuentes will get a few offers.

Michael Wuertz: Same reasons as Fuentes but Wuertz has had a better season.

Craig Breslow: He is a good reliever as well but I’m not so sure the A’s will give up their only lefty reliever. The fact that he is a good lefty reliever may also increase his value and make him good trade bait.

My prediction is that Michael Wuertz will be the first to go. He is the A’s best reliever that will be on the trading block.

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