Oakland A's put up 8 Runs in the First

By danielburt

I am not sure what got into the Oakland Athletics yesterday afternoon but whatever it was needs to happen more often. I know a lot of it was thanks to poor pitching from Joel Pineiro, who walked the first three batters he faced. I know there probably was the percentages to thank as well. I have been saying all season long how crazy it is to see so many players have the worst seasons of their career all at the same time. You figure they had to hit eventually and they all did yesterday in the first. I will also just have to tip my cap to the A’s offense for scoring some runs. Bad pitching and percentages a side they could have hit their way out of that inning but they didn’t. They focused in and the had the best inning of the season. In fact I believe they set an Oakland A’s record with 7 runs before the first out was recorded.

It was also nice to see the A’s take 3 of 4 from the Angles and the get the second half started out on the right foot. I’m not just talking about the wins either. If you didn’t notice the A’s had a decent amount of hits throughout the 4 games. The A’s had 39 hits over the 4 game series. It would have been nice to see a few more runs out of it but hey I will take any signs of life.

I know the A’s are basically out of any playoff race but the hotter these hitters get the better return the A’s are going to get in any trade.

If nothing else some watchable baseball would be appreciated by us A’s fans over the second half. So keep it up guys!

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