The Chicago Cubs are a Circus, and Mike Quade is Driving the Little Car

By RantSports Staff

Once again, the Chicago Cubs show why their arguably the worst team in professional sports right now. Yeah. I said it. Again. After watching the first two games of the Phillies series, and then reading about the train wreck that was yesterday’s game- I have come to the conclusion that going to Wrigley Field is a lot like going to the circus. You really never know what your going to see, but you’ll probably be able to laugh quite a bit about what’s happening on the field.

In the first inning, Castro lost the ball in the sun. Whatever. Part of the game right? It happens to the best of us. It’ s hard to single out Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney for this catastrophe of a team right? Not for the clown that is Mike Quade.

What a great concept. Let’s call out the two main reasons why anyone watches this team play. Let’s call out a guy in Castro that you can build the entire organization around at 21, and then call out his running mate, Darwin Barney, a guy who plays the game hard, and the right way. Let’s continue to ignore the lack of hustle by Alfonso Soriano, the failure to hit with runners in scoring position in Carlos Pena, and the multiple things Carlos Zambrano has done that would warrant some public scolding. Let’s not call out Ryan Dempster for being incredibly bad for the better part of the year, and let’s not talk a little bit about how Randy Wells can’t get anyone out anymore. I mean give me a freaking break Mike Quade. You think that game set the tone? Why don’t you ask your starting pitcher to be more efficient? Maybe a little more sharp? Maybe attack the zone a little bit more? Nope- let’s throw the best player on the team, a 21 year old kid still learning this game under the bus in the media.

” The veterans are doing a heck of a job I think.”- Mike Quade

Mr. Quade. There’s a reason why you’ve been a career minor league manager. Who are you trying to kid at this point? You have zero idea how to manage a team from a personality standpoint. You don’t have the balls to call out your “great” veterans. You have even less clue how to manage a pitching staff. You sir are a complete joke, and a complete embarrassment to history of Cubs management.

The Cubs? Are a circus. And I don’t even know how to fix them at this point. I have no idea. All I know is that it’ll take 2-5 years to get rid of Quade, Hendry, Soriano, Zambrano, and Dempster- and start completely over.

I mean…can we all just sit back and laugh hysterically at this point?

Starlin Castro- We love you. Pay no attention to your manager that doesn’t have the slightest of clues of how to manage. We the fans believe in your ability and look forward to watching you play the game for the next 10 plus years at Wrigley. Hopefully our owners figure out a way to get you some help, without calling you out in the media for a mistake that didn’t cost anyone the game.


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