Big Setback

By Joshua Casey

On Sunday the Twins suffered another huge setback as Francisco Liriano only lasted 2 and 1/3 innings and had considerable control problems. With this loss, again to the Tigers, the Twins have now dropped back to seven games under .500 and seven games back of the first place Tigers. The start of this eleven game home-stand had a small amount of hope for the Twins as eight of their twelve games came against division rivals, Detroit, and Cleveland. The chance to push themselves into contention and possibly take over first place in the AL Central. Seemingly that’s the way the Twins would’ve liked it to play out but as everyone knows, not all things happen according to plan.


This was surely not the time for the Twins to take a step back, time is definitely not on their side and they now must make up considerable ground in a short amount of time. Playoffs are surely not out of the question as the Twins have made late season runs to propel themselves into the playoffs in the past. But if anything such as this is going to happen the picture must start to form now. The Twins need to step up and start to make things happen because sitting back and just enjoying the view so to speak is not going to get it done. I know that every player on the Twins wants to make the playoffs it’s what every player strives for at the start of the year, that and winning the World Series, but at this point in time it seems like nobody on this Twins team cares, and that surely poses a problem.

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