New York Yankees Keeping Eyes on Chicago White Sox' Edwin Jackson

By Craig Williams

The New York Yankees are mixed in with all sorts of rumors – especially those involving starting pitchers.  The latest nugget that I’ve come across is that the New York Yankees had scouts at the Chicago White Sox game to watch RHP Edwin Jackson.  A couple of months ago I talked in detail about some of the Chicago White Sox’ pitching and predicted that the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox would come together for a deal – specifically a deal for Edwin Jackson.  The White Sox righty has been pitching pretty well of late and has lowered his ERA to 3.97 on the season.  In his start against the Cleveland Indians yesterday, Edwin Jackson only surrendered two earned runs in six innings.  Are the New York Yankees on the verge of making a move or is this just more smoke?

I definitely thought that a trade made sense a couple of months ago.  The White Sox had six pitchers for five slots and the Yankees were in need of pitching.  Who knows what – if any – talks went down between Brian Cashman and Kenny Williams, but obviously a deal was not completed.  A few injuries in the rotation forced Williams to utilize his starting pitching depth.  The White Sox are only 4.5 games out of the division lead in the AL Central and are certainly not considering themselves sellers.  That does not mean they won’t move Jackson for the right deal though.

From the Yankees point of view, I’m still somewhat intrigued by bringing Jackson over.  I’m not 100% convinced that he would be better than the guys we have right now – he tends to be a bit wild and has a little bit of A.J. Burnett in him (ridiculous talent, disappointing production).  He is a guy that can be lights out if he falls into a groove though.  I know there are a lot of conditions, but it is at least worth evaluating thoroughly.  By the way, although it isn’t the most relevant issue at this point, it is worth mentioning that the Yanks would be able to collect two draft picks if/when Jackson left via free agency in the winter.

I’m not as sold on a deal now as I was back in May and June.  Edwin Jackson would provide the New York Yankees an upgrade in raw talent, but not necessarily production.  Furthermore, with the Chicago White Sox still in the mix, the price for Jackson is likely to be higher than the Yankees are willing to pay.  Keep your eye on this, but I think it is another case of Brian Cashman and the front office doing a good job at their jobs.

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