Chicago Cubs Looking to Trade Carlos Pena to the Indians?

By RantSports Staff

The Chicago Cubs are going to be sellers by the July 31st deadline, and one of their best sluggers, Carlos Pena could be on his way out of town. I personally think Carlos Pena would be outstanding trade bait for any team looking to add power and a glove by the deadline. Where could he go? I’ve mentioned the San Francisco Giants as I think he would fit there, but another team has potentially surfaced.

The Cleveland Indians are in desperate need of some left handed power, and have some prospects to deal. Lewis Pollis of Wahoo Blues wrote an article today saying that the Indians could use some help with what Pena does well.

So what would the Cubs want? I can’t say for sure, but I do think the Indians would match up. If I were Jim Hendry, I would take a hard look at LHP Nick Hagadone. Hagadone has struggled with his command for quite sometime, and with several arms still coming, he could definitely use a change of scenery, and the Cubs I believe could help this youngster reach his potential. I’ve always liked his stuff, and sometimes with young lefthanders- it takes a little more time. Throw in the fact pitching in the national league has to be a tad nicer than pitching in the AL. The Cubs are in some need of some young starting pitching- especially from the left side. I’d be a fan. Another guy I would demand back is Matt LaPorta. I think it’s safe to say Matt LaPorta is bordering on the bust line. He’s really struggled since coming to the big leagues in that big deal for CC Sabathia, and he would be the odd man out. The Cubs are going nowhere fast, don’t have a first basemen in the system ready to play, and could let LaPorta take his hacks and hope he reaches the all star potential he has. Another kid I really like is Scott Barnes. He’s struggled at times, but pitched exceptionally well in the Arizona Fall League last year, so you have to think he has the potential to get good players out consistently. He’s another guy where you can wait and see on as well.

Those three guys I believe would be a nice package for Carlos Pena. Anything else would surely be gravy. Will Pena move? Well…I think he SHOULD move…but you just never know what the Chicago Cubs are going to do unfortunately.

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