Peavy Hitting A Wall in 6th Should Be No Surprise

By Michael Turano

Coming into Tuesday’s game against the Tigers with Justin Verlander pitching, I would be lying if I expected the White Sox to win. Verlander has been one of, if not the best pitcher in the American League all year. If I had not seen the game and was told that the Sox scored 4 runs off of him, I would have been really happy. It’s too bad that I couldn’t be happy about Tuesday night’s game.

While I want to be angry at the Sox for another loss, I simply cannot do it after that game. I have to focus my anger toward the manager, Ozzie Guillen. The Sox took an early 2-run lead with a mammoth shot coming off the bat of Adam Dunn. Jake Peavy pitched pretty well up until the 6th inning where he just imploded. The reason that I believe blame can come on Ozzie’s hands is for a few reasons, and one of them is the way he handled Peavy in the later innings. During the 6th inning Peavy has an ERA this season of over 10. When he has over 75 pitches opponents are hitting .457. I believe that once Peavy got into trouble he should have had a short leash. The White Sox have a really talented bullpen, and I think they could have been used in the 6th instead of letting Peavy give up the lead.

For the second night in a row though, the White Sox come back with a Paul Konerko 2-run homerun off of Verlander. After Will Ohman pitched a perfect 7th inning he was brought out again for the top of the 8th. His first batter is Victor Martinez who Ohman proceeds to walk. Ozzie decides to bring in Jessie Crain for Jhonny Peralta. Crain strikes out Peralta then get Carlos Guillen to fly out to left. Ozzie then decides to pull Crain and make switch-hitting Wilson Betemit hit from the right side of the plate. Thornton gets ahead of the count to only give up the game winning single that scores pitch-runner Dirks.

It seems very fitting that Betemit gets the game winning hit for the Tigers because in his career against the White Sox he is hitting .391with 11 RBI in just 16 games. Also pretty fitting because when he was on the White Sox, Betemit could not produce at all.

As far as the Ozzie management of Peavy goes, I am not saying that once he hits a certain pitch count that he gets pulled. I just think that when the numbers are that far stacked against him in those situations that he gets monitored more closely. All in all the game was exciting and nice to see the Sox to come back against one of the best pitchers in the game.

Tomorrow’s game against Max Scherzer will be an extremely important one with it being the difference of the Sox being 3.5 out or 5.5 out. With all of the rumors flying around about possible movement with the Sox, I think that the next couple of games will make up Kenny Williams’ mind.

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