A Chicago Cubs' Fans Reaction to the St. Louis Cardinals Trade

By RantSports Staff

I have some serious questions about the trade that sent St. Louis Cardinals CF Colby Rasmus to the Toronto Blue Jays for virtually Edwin Jackson. Yes I know, this was an 8 player deal blah blah blah but let’s face it. The two major names were Edwin Jackson and Colby Rasmus. I actually had to laugh at this one a little bit, because for the life of me- I can’t understand it. Did the Cardinals call up Crane Kenney and ask him for advice? Let’s break it down.

Colby Rasmus is an immature, spoiled former first round pick. He’s got some crazy tools, but has an even crazier father. Colby wasn’t meshing with Tony La Russa very well, and it obviously affected his play.

So, the Cardinals wanted to trade Rasmus. That’s all great and dandy. They couldn’t find a taker for him willing to part with more than just Edwin Jackson? Whom they’ll lose in the offseason? Octavio Dotel? Whom they’ll lose? Wow. If this wasn’t an under sell…I don’t know what is. Truthfully- for as much heat that Jim Hendry has taken for bad deals- the Cardinals GM (whom shall remain nameless) should take more. You don’t trade a 24 year old tool CF for a journeyman RHP whom you won’t resign in the off season.

As a Cubs’ fan you have to laugh a little bit at the rivals in the south. I mean, since it looks like we’re not going to be able to trade any of our dead weight, might as well be thankful we don’t have to deal with Rasmus any longer in that middle.

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