Carlos Beltran Headed to San Francisco?

By RantSports Staff

The rumor mill has heated up over the last several days for the San Francisco Giants. They’ve apparently been in serious talks with the New York Mets for Carlos Beltran, and Beltran has been ordered to stay out of the lineup tonight against the Reds. This could mean only one thing. Carlos Beltran is on the move. He’s either going to Texas, Boston, or San Francisco with ESPN reporting the Giants are the front runner right now.

Carlos Beltran is obviously a real good hitter, however if the Giants pull the trigger, it would mean that RHP and number 1 prospect Zach Wheeler is headed to the Big Apple. I actually think this trade will likely come back to haunt the Giants for several years to come because Zach Wheeler is an ace in the making. He has some of the most electric stuff in the minors, and is only about a year away from coming to the show. Carlos Beltran has definitely been a force when healthy. However, his knee issues could pop up at any moment, and if he misses time down the stretch- what good is he? If he stays healthy- he definitely will help a lineup in desperate need for a bat. Another question is- does he resign? Come on- let’s get realistic. He’s getting older, and out of his prime years so why would the Giants want to resign him?

I know the Giants want to repeat, but isn’t it possible to upgrade with out sending your top prospect to a team for a 33 plus year old with serious questions regarding his health and knee? Even with Beltran- does that make the Giants a repeat favorite?

We’ll find out, but this one looks like it’s a done deal.

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