Chicago Cubs Get Trade Ball Moving: Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians

By RantSports Staff

The Chicago Cubs have traded RF Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians  for two minor league prospects this morning. Fukudome came to the Cubs after a successful stint in his home land of Japan, but ultimately was more of a bust than what he was thought to be. Signed to be a middle of the order left handed slugger, Fukudome turned more into a slap guy, and OBP lead off hitter. There’s nothing wrong with that if he weren’t getting paid 13 million a year.

The Cubs are going to be picking up all but around 800,000 of Fukudome’s 4 million left this year. I personally am pleased to get ANYTHING back in return for him. He never was going to attract top grade A prospects from any team, but the two guys we get back? Who knows what happens with them. The important thing is saving that little money and allowing the kids to play every day. The Cubs need to see what they have in terms of young talent, and hopefully this is just the first of several trades the Cubs make down the stretch here before the deadline.

Is it safe to say that the Cubs aren’t going to make the playoffs Mike Quade?

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