All Quiet on the South Side at Deadline

By Michael Turano

Usually July 31st for me is like Christmas morning. I wake up all excited because it’s usually the day there is a lot of movement and buzz around the Chicago White Sox organization. In fact, even a few weeks up until the trade deadline I keep my ear to the ground to see if there are any rumors floating around about White Sox activity. I refresh my twitter feed almost every half hour to see if any of the baseball experts are predicting any big splashes, or any tricks that Kenny Williams has up his sleeve.

Today for me was like waking up, rushing down to the Christmas tree and not seeing any big presents. I kept looking around the tree to see if there was something I missed, maybe something I could find. Nothing. For the first time in a long time, “Santa” Williams had not filled my hopes of new members on the White Sox at the deadline.

The past couple years I had been so lucky with all my “gifts.” Ken Griffey Jr. in 2008. Jake Peavy in 2009. Manny Ramirez in 2010. Sure maybe not all of these moves worked out in the long run and got the White Sox a championship. But it gave the Sox fans hope that their General Manager was doing the best he could to help his team succeed for that season.

Again, today: nothing like that. In Kenny’s defense there really were not that many moves that could have been made that were realistic. He was able to move Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen to bring in Jason Frasor to help the pen along with cutting some salary. Overall a smart baseball move. But this year there was no giant move that shook the MLB to its core.

The White Sox were also in that awkward position that no team wants to be in: were they buyers or sellers? Going into deadline day, the Sox stood just 3 games back of Detroit. The Sox have obviously had their troubles this season, and have underachieved greatly. But with the AL central turning out to be what it is, 3 games is hardly out of the race.

So Kenny sat quietly and did not make any big moves on deadline day. Like I said before though, with the way the White Sox went “All In” this season and spent a whole lot of money, there was simply not many moves that could be made. With the Sox being now 4 back going into the 4 game series with the Yankees, they will have to take on the rest of the season with the team they have, apart from September where rosters expand and Viciedo may get some time.

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