Breaking Down The Ubaldo Jimenez Trade

By Living Baseball

A lot of people are under the impression that the Colorado Rockies were crazy, and completely lost the deal to the Cleveland Indians today. I’m here to tell you, that isn’t the case. The Cleveland Indians and Colorado Rockies agreed to trade RHP Ubaldo Jimenez for RHP Alex White, LHP Drew Pomeranz, RHP Joe Gardner, and first basemen Matthew McBride, and most are now expecting the Indians to take control of the central…hold the phone.


Ubaldo Jimenez was outstanding last year to open the season. 15-1 is pretty spectacular…isn’t it? He throws 100 mph with movement, has a nasty breaking ball, and his frame is something that most pitchers dream about. So why isn’t this a clear cut win for Cleveland? Let’s start with Ubaldo dropping 2 miles an hour on his fastball. This is significant because it could be the center of an underlying issue- Ubaldo isn’t healthy. Of course he passed his physical, so things are fine and dandy right? Not the case. Cleveland is taking on a guy who throughout most of his career outside of last year’s first half- who has struggled with his command. Electricity has never been a problem, directing the baseball? Has been an issue. 51 walks in 120 innings is NOT the sign of an ace. Most might tell you he’s been unlucky, and he’s pitching in Colorado- but here’s my point. Extra base runners lead to runs. If you can GUARANTEE me Ubaldo will command the zone better- I might be taking a different stance. Ubaldo isn’t a rookie anymore. It’s time to take that step to be the ace. The shutdown guy. He has the stuff, so why isn’t it happening? Could there be a problem with his head? All I know is that Cleveland just sacrificed their future for a guy who might not end up being what they think he should be. As a small market organization, Cleveland cannot afford to miss. They can’t afford to deal their two top prospects, and get a guy who A) under performs, and/or B) get’s hurt.

I don’t think either team “won or lost” the trade yet. This is one of those trades that likely won’t be determined for 2 years, but I’ll tell you what- Drew Pomeranz and Alex White to go with the young and upcoming arms Colorado has? Colorado has to be thrilled.

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