Detroit Tigers Carlos Guillen Pimps a Homer; Almost Gets Alex Avila Killed

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were already getting no no’d by Justin Verlander. Jered Weaver was very upset about giving up a bomb to Magglio Ordonez, and let him know about it. Apparently Carlos Guillen thought it would be a great idea to show boat his homer. Not the smartest of decisions Carlos.



I wonder what Alex Avila was thinking after?

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  • Kyle Taylor

    I never understood this. His teammate acted like an idiot, so you throw at someone else’s head?

    First of all, throwing at their head is a filthy move. Second, why act like a goon and go after their teammate?

  • Brett Rosin

    Speaking as a former pitcher, you do NOT allow ANYONE to show up your team, yourself, and the game in general. Now- I’m not for throwing at someone’s head because it’s dangerous- but Alex Avila absolutely should have been thrown at. Either around the butt area, or behind him. Not the head. The Tigers had it coming.

  • Kyle Taylor

    Yeah, I get that. I was more talking about the throwing at their head part.

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