Report: Wandy Rodriguez To Still Be Traded

By Connor Nielen

Notable FOX Sports writer Tracy Ringolsby is reporting that despite the passing of baseball’s July 31st non-waiver trade deadline, multiple contending teams are expected to actively pursue Houston pitcher Wandy Rodriguez and that the Astros will ultimately reach an agreement for one of them to acquire the veteran left-hander.

Provided that Wandy clears waivers (which he will), General Manager Ed Wade will have until August 31st to find a good fit and complete a deal, which Ringolsby believes he will.

He states in the story:

“Given the interest in Wandy Rodriguez before the Sunday deadline, and the fact he is, by far, the most attractive pitcher who should be legitimately available in August, Wade will find a taker when the pitcher is placed on waivers. In that scenario, Wade could cut his financial losses and let the claiming team assume the full contract. The Astros presumably would accept a lesser package of players.”

Rodriguez is a dependable, underrated hurler who is often overlooked and devalued simply because of his contract. While getting out from underneath his salary would definitely benefit the Astros, I’d be content if he remains with the team for the next couple of seasons, too. I’d hate to see him wind up with the Yankees.

Wandy will take the mound tonight at Minute Maid Park for perhaps the final time in an Astros uniform as the team looks to win consecutive games in its series against the Cincinnati Reds.

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