Trevor Cahill Still Showing Signs of His Age

By danielburt

At this point in the season last year, Trevor Cahill, was pitching his way into a bid for the Cy Young. Right now, he is pitching more like a 23 year old with a lot of talent and iffy confidence. He has been inconsistent to say the least. Some games he is lights out and others he looks like a guy that just got called up from the minors. So what happened to the kid from last year, who was solid all season?

Over his last six starts Cahill gave up 1o runs in 2 innings to the Yankees and last night he gave up 7 runs to the Mariners in 4 innings. However, if you look at the other four games, Cahill, never gave up more than 3 earned runs and pitched a minimum of 7 innings. He also never gave up more than 5 hits in those games. If you are thinking maybe they were poor hitting teams think again. He was up against those same Mariners, the Angles, Texas in Texas and Tampa Bay. So his slumps have nothing to do with good hitting because clearly he can dominate good hitting.

I honestly think this has more to do with his age than anything else. Last year he was just confident after his call up from AAA and never lost it but just like a lot of young pitchers confidence can be fleeting.  Cahill can be almost un-hittable in four straight games and then lose his command to the first couple batters in the next game and mentally self-destruct. It’s very frustrating at times because in his third year you would hope he would be coming into his own as a consistent starter for the A’s but that’s not how every starter develops.

All us A’s fans need to remember the kid is only 23 and is going to have his ups and downs. If he doesn’t ever gain that everyday confidence in a year or two then we should panic but for now he is going to have his good days and his bad days and we should all realize there are more good days than bad. I guess we should be excited about the fact that it looks like Cahill is going to have his third double digit win season in three seasons.

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