Angry David Ortiz Interrupts Terry Francona’s Pre-Game Press Conference

Red Sox official scorer Chaz Scoggins took an RBI away from David Ortiz after the slugger thought he had a two-run single in the first inning of Wednesday night’s Red Sox win over the Indians.

Scoggins ruled that a misplay by Indians left fielder Austin Kearns was an error and that Kevin Youkilis would not have scorer if not for the bobble.

Big Papi was so upset about the decision that he stormed into Terry Francona’s press conference before Thursday night’s game to express his frustration.

From’s Joe Haggerty:

Ortiz said “I’m [bleeping] pissed. We need to have a talk, you and me” before the manager and designated hitter agreed to talk about things at a more appropriate time. Then Ortiz gave away exactly what was bothering him when he muttered “[Bleepin'] scorekeeper always [bleepin'] [bleep] up.”

At the conclusion of Wednesday night’s win over Cleveland, Ortiz had 69 RBI on the year instead of 70. Two years ago, he finished the season with exactly 99 RBI before posting 102 in 2010.

Click HERE to watch video footage of Ortiz’s surprising pregame outburst.

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  • Fraud Sox

    What a crybaby Ortiz is. Just like the Red Sox fan base.

  • pepin

    Papi Ortiz is right

  • Johnny Machurek

    I can’t stand Ortiz and the way he gets treated by the media. Everyone chastised people for doing roids and HGH but because Papi is lovable he gets a free pass. Berman might as well marry him after his reaction last year and his this year during the HR Derby.

  • Frank

    Real Team Player—worrying about his stats—-WAAAAHHHH

  • Brett Rosin

    That’s frankly appalling. Embarrassing.

  • ryansdad

    Ortiz probably has a performance clause in his contract based on RBI production. So his frustration is somewhat understandable. However, I am not sure what good it will do for him to run to Francona and whine about it. Does he think Francona can get the scoresheet changed? Sorry Papi, you’ll just have to produce an extra RBI against the Yankees.