Changes Need To Be Made in White Sox Organization

By Michael Turano

The complete 180 degree turn that the White Sox have gone over the past week has just been astounding. Obviously back to back series with the Red Sox and the Yankees is going to be tough for any team, but when the Sox need to keep winning series to stay relevant in the AL central, losing their last 6 is not a way to do it.

Who has the answers for this club? It’s obviously not the manager. Guillen has a ton of talent on this team, and they find themselves 6 games under the .500 mark and are having trouble scoring runs. I know it can be hard to put all of the blame on manager that isn’t the one striking out and underachieving. But when the players are not performing to the level that they usually do, you have to blame the manager for not getting the most out of them.

Say you don’t want to go the route of the manager, and think that the problem is higher up. One could easily make the case for Kenny Williams being the one who is to blame about the underachieving with poor signings. As of right now, the Adam Dunn looks to be the worst signing in White Sox history. The move to get Rios is looking to be costly. Even the Jake Peavy trade right now looks to be more of a winner for the San Diego Padres.

Has the time run out for these two men in the White Sox organization? If the team continues to be as bad as they are in a season that they claimed to be “All In”, maybe it is time for both of them to go. White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a great relationship with these two men also. They have all been extremely close ever since the championship run in 2005. Regardless of what happened in ’05, that time is far over, and if the Sox ever want to get back to that spot, changes have to be made.

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