Buehrle Continues To Pitch Strong

By Michael Turano

Mark Buehrle continues to have a fantastic season with his 17th straight game of allowing 3 earned runs or less. He went 8 strong innings Friday in Minnesota giving up only 4 hits and the 3 runs that the Twins scored were all unearned thanks to the smooth glove work of Adam Dunn. Throughout the year it seemed that Buehrle was really benefiting from the 6 man rotation, but even now with the Sox going with the more conventional 5 man rotation, Buehrle is still pitching great.

In 5 starts in July Buehrle pitched 5 games with an ERA of 1.85 totaling in those games. In those 5 games, Buehrle was 2-0 but the team won 4 of those 5 games. Buehrle has still not lost since the middle of June against the Twins in a game the Sox lost 1-0. In a season that seems to be slowly slipping away from the Sox, one of the big bright spots on this team has been the success of Mark Buehrle. He has almost a run under his career ERA this season, and his earned run streak has finally earned some national attention.

Luckily Adam Dunn’s first inning error did not cost the White Sox the game. With the injury of Paul Konerko’s calf, Dunn may be getting more and more time in the field. When Dunn struggled in the early part of the season a lot of people said it was because he was not used to being a full time DH. If that is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see if Dunn starts to hit more while he is being able to play first. It would just be nice if his glove doesn’t become a liability, especially if he continues to be as bad as he has been at the plate.

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