McKeon wants instant replay

By Ryan Gaydos

Marlins manager Jack McKeon is sticking to his guns on his point of view on instant replay. And who could blame him after Mike Stanton’s phenomenal almost catch Saturday night against St. Louis.

Rafael Furcal led the game off with a sinking liner that Stanton dove for and appeared to have made the catch. However, first base umpire Vic Carapazza said that Stanton had trapped it.

McKeon went out to argue which led to the umpires huddling to make an effort to over turn the call, but the call stood pat.

After Corey Patterson flied out, Albert Pujols homered.

“We all thought he caught it. Like I told the umpires, ‘You’ve got four guys out here and four guys can’t see it.’ Maybe that’s another reason why we should have instant replay,” McKeon said following the game. “No question it’s the difference in the ballgame. You’re not going to criticize the umpires, because it’s a tough job, but on the other hand, we’ve got to get these calls right.” (link)

Baseball is using instant replay which started in 2008, but it is only to over rule home run calls. There are some calls whether fair/foul or catch and no catch that could be disputed via instant replay.

The question is how would Major League Baseball go about bringing instant replay to the game.

What would you consider? Something like the NFL where you get a challenge flag? Or something else?

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