On The Bright Side

By Joshua Casey

Well since my last few articles have been about the Twins extremely poor play, (the articles have been justified though as shown by the Twins lethargic play again today), I figured I’d switch things up for today. Today I’m going to look at a few thing that the Twins can actually look forward to as they continue treading water this season. The Twins chances of making the playoffs has most definitely reached it’s lowest point thus far and the [ercentage is now 0%, last week it was 5%, (not much hope but at least something to look forward to). The first thing the Twins have going for them is the fact that the Twins seem to have a few pitching options lined up to replace Nick Blackburn who has been struggling of late.

The second thing that the Twins can look forward to is the fact that Joe Nathan’s return was not what it seemed to be, but eventually he will get back into form and hopefully return to his 2010 form next year. In the meantime Matt Capps has proven to be a fromidable closer and would most likely be willing to become a set-up man for Nathan once he is in proper form to take back his position as closer. The third and final piece of good news for the Twins is the fact that they have outwardly expressed their interest in keeping Kevin Slowey, and possibly using him as a starter. Ron Gardenhire did say that it was up to Slowey whether he wanted to stay or not, he also added that his first interest would be in using Slowey out of the bullpen, which Slowey has said he is not interested in. If the Twins can manage to work this out with Slowey then they will have a versatile pitcher for many years to come, who can not only pitch out of the bullpen but fill in a strarting spot in case of injury.



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