Racist Remarks Should Cost Radio Broadcaster His Job

San Francisco Giants reliever Ramon Ramirez hitting Philadephia Philliess outfielder Shane Victorino with a pitch prompted radio host and Phillies fan Tony Bruno to call Ramirez an “illegal alien” and to attack the Giants and any who spoke out against him.

He went to Twitter to call Ramirez “an illegal alien” and the Giants “gutless”. In his supposed “apology” on Facebook he called his detractors “classless and vile.”

He deleted the tweet moments after posting it, but a web capture of it appears in a post on Bay Area Sports Guy.

gutless #!@%*# Giants. Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy since mighty Frisco boys …

His display of ignorance and racism and obvious lack of tact should cost him his job.

In this day and age when political correctness bars wishing one a “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending any non-Christians, Bruno should not be allowed to get away with such idiotic remarks.

As Aurora Grajeda, a member of the Hispanic/Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition of San Francisco, pointed out to the San Francisco Chronicle, such talk can fester into “a climate of intolerance and hate”.

By bringing Ramirez’s legal status into question, he is insinuating all people of Latino origin are here illegally and that all illegal immigrants are thugs.

For the record, Ramirez is a native of the Dominican Republic and here on a valid P-1 visa.

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