Cleveland Indians Misspell Kosuke Fukudome's Name on Game Program

By Lewie Pollis

Do you have trouble with Kosuke Fukudome’s name? Do you stumble over the spelling or twist your tongue with the pronunciation?

If so, I have some good news for you: you’re not alone.

The latest issue of Batter Up!, the Cleveland Indians’ game program magazine, features Fukudome on the cover, and the lead article is an analysis of the trade that brought him to Cleveland.

It also includes a major typo.

Beneath the cover photo of Fukudome preparing to swing, large block letters read: “FEATURED INSIDE: KOSUKE FUKODOME.”

In case you didn’t catch the mistake—I didn’t notice it at first either—his name is Fukudome, not Fukodome.

There’s a mistake with his name on the team roster page, too: the Tribe’s new right fielder is listed as “Koske, Fukudome.” In addition to breaking the format of “last name, first name” (as every other players and coach was listed), the silent “u” is conspicuously missing from his first name.

Everyone makes mistakes, and the errors were probably just typos—by my count, Fukudome’s name appears 21 more times inside the magazine, spelled correctly each time.

But this souvenir program is a reminder that the people who run baseball teams are human, too.

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