Blackburn Back Breaker

By Joshua Casey

For all intents and purposes today’s Twins game against the Red Sox was a back breaker. Although the score was not that close, you never really felt that the Twins had the game locked up. In the 6th inning when the score was 2-0 it seemed that everyone knew that some way the Twins would manage to blow the lead and eventually lose. I guess the only way to properly put how I and probably every other Twins fan in the world felt from the 7th inning on is by inserting a running timeline, so here we go.

  •    Top of the 7th- Jarrod Saltalamacchia comes up to bat and grounds out to second alright not bad one down.
  •    Top of the 7th, One Out- Josh Reddick also grounds out to second thus causing somewhat of a hey maybe we can win this game feeling     throughout every Twins fan’s brain.
  •    Top of the 7th Two Outs-Blackburn walks Mike Aviles, now everyone is thinking Oh No Here We Go AGAIN!
  •    Top of the 7th Two Outs- Jacoby Ellsbury reaches first on an error by 2nd baseman Trevor Plouffe, Aviles advances to second, at this point were not even thinking we might lose anymore, we are now thinking, YEP WERE DEFINITELY DONE NOW.
  •    Top of the 7th Two Outs-Marco Scutaro singles to left, Aviles scores, Ellsbury advances to second. No comment
  •    Top of the 7th Two Outs-Finally Ron Gardenhire wakes up from his Karate Kid meditation state and realizes, “Hey we might lose the game if I just sit here and do nothing like I have for the past 117 games or so”. So Glen Perkins relieves Nick Blackburn.
  •    Top of the  7th Two Outs- Perkins delivers a clutch one out performance and gets the AL MVP to be Adrian Gonzalez to fly out to right.
  •    Bottom of the 7th- Well what the Twins did this inning can be summed up in two words, Diddly- Squat.


Now heading into the 8th inning, I was thinking alright maybe the Twins can hold on and win this game.  Now remember at this point in the season all hope is pretty much lost but you still want your team to win, and hey who knows 9 games back with about 50 games to game, you’ve gotta keep hope right?

  • Top of the 8th- Kevin Youkilis strikes out swinging, one man down.
  • Top of the 8th One Out- Then it happens the inevitable hit that all Twins fans feared,David Ortiz hits a bomb to Center Field tying the game at 2.
  • Top of the 8th One Out- Really at this point the rest of this inning is irrelevant, the damage has been done, not to mention the hole in my bedroom wall from me punching it.
  • I’m not kidding this really happened, hey every once in a while you’ve gotta let some anger out right? Only after the fact did I realize that this might of been a huge mistake.


I’m pretty sure that after this horrible inning all Twins fans want to turn off the game, I know I sure did. But for some reason I kept watching because I thought maybe, just maybe, the Twins might have something left in the tank. Well they should have a lot in the tank to be exact, they haven’t really been putting a lot out on the field,  so there gas tank should be at least somewhat full. Anway getting back to the topic at hand, the Twins are still not losing their only tied, they do have a small chance to still win this game.

  • Bottom of the 8th- Mauer gets walked, this has to be a good sign right, we’ve got someone on base and it’s the possible go- ahead run coming to the plate.
  •  Bottom of the 8th- Michael Cuddyer grounds out to second, but Mauer advances to second, thus putting the go -ahead run in scoring position.
  • Bottom of the 8th- Jim Thome comes up to the plate, Thome gets a good pitch that he can hit and he does, sending it deep to left, scoring Mauer and giving the Twins the lead.
  • Bottom of the 8th- Top of the 9th- Now from this point to about the point where Marco Scutaro grounds out to second to end the game, I didn’t watch the game and there is a good explanation for this. My dad made spaghetti and sausage and my room was occupied, my Dad isn’t a big baseball fan so I had to choose between food and baseball. From the above sentences I think you can figure out what I chose.


So there it is a running timeline inside the head of a Twins fan who at this point in the season still thinks the Twins season is done but as I said before you’ve gotta keep some hope alive. I know that some reactions might be a little awkward considering the fact that the Twins are 9 games out of first and this was the game that got them to 9 games back. It’s not like I was watching the Twins in the World Series or anything but, as every sports fan knows the biggest game of the year is the one that you are currently playing. Or at least that’s what I’ve always thought, so this game did have a special meaning, at least for me it did. This game portrayed the fact that maybe, just maybe, the Twins are willing to put it all out on the field and try to at least make a run at the AL Central.



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