Braves Knock Zambrano Around; Zambrano Retires After Beatdown?

By Chad

What a game to celebrate Bobby Cox. The Atlanta Braves pounded the Chicago Cubs and Carlos Zambrano on Friday night. It seemed like nothing could stand in the way of the Braves getting the win.

Zambrano, obviously, could not stand in the way. He gave up 5 home runs on Friday night: 2 to Dan Uggla and one to Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman and sizzling hot Jose Constanza.

After Freeman and Uggla went back-to-back in the 5th inning, Zambrano had a meltdown. (This is not uncommon for Zambrano, as he is probably the most emotional player in the major leagues). He threw two consecutive pitches at Chipper Jones, which caused the Braves’ bench to empty. As for the Cubs’ bench? Nothing. Pin drop.

Zambrano was ejected. He went into the clubhouse and cleaned out his locker.

ESPN just reported that he cleaned out his locker and said that he was retiring.

All I can say is, wow! I like Zambrano, but man, his days in Chicago are over with. I can’t see the Cubs continuing to put up with the roller coaster of emotions.

And the Braves were the one that KO’d Zambrano on Bobby Cox night. What a night.

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