Ouch! Carlos Lee Fouls Ball Off His Face!

By Connor Nielen

A must-see for any sports fan who was not watching last night’s Houston-Arizona game:

Video: Carlos Lee Fouls Ball Off His Face!

As a good person, my initial reaction is “wow, I hope he’s okay”.

As an Astros fan, my next thought is:

“Wow, I hope he’s okay, but just ‘okay’ enough that he is not in any significant pain… preferably some sort of complicated scenario that will prevent him from playing in any more games ‘as a precaution’, meaning he’ll stop wasting a line-up spot that could instead be given to a talented up-and-comer that actually has a chance to contribute in the forthcoming years for this organization…”

Is this not what every other Houston fan is thinking? Or am I a bad person?

Please ‘El Caballo’, just take the $19 million that you’re making this year (and next!) and scurry off into oblivion.

Just like, disappear. We promise not to come looking for you.

Besides, nobody would find you anyways,

The team has been unsuccessfully looking for the ’06 version of you (that hit 37 home runs) now for half a decade.

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