Is Florida Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria the Worst Owner in Sports?

By Living Baseball

The Florida Marlins have had some major issues this year in terms of ownership and managers. The manager who shall remain nameless quit a few months ago, and now the Marlins just made a stunning move and sent Logan Morrison to the minor leagues.

I’m not sure what Jeffrey Loria and his goons are doing down there in Florida, but I suspect that they’re a big reason why the Marlins don’t draw anyone. Loria has been a train wreck since taking the team over, and makes poor move after poor move because well…he thinks he’s the man. Well Jeffrey Loria- you’re not the man. You’re a scumbag who pulled one over on the entire state to get you a new stadium. Does that feel good? Does that make you special in the worst economy of our life time? I’m glad you can sleep at night- must psychopaths can after screwing people left and right.

Let’s get back to the move regarding Morrison. REALLY? Hanley Ramirez has been a complete joke this year. Logan Morrison has been steady in the middle part of the lineup, has played banged up- tough kid. Still a young kid learning how to play this game at this level and frankly- he’s done an outstanding job in my opinion. You don’t like that he tweets Jeffrey Loria, so you send him to the minors? What the heck are you doing to your organization? What kind of message are you sending? You let young kids play through struggles when your a small market team. And your a small market team because you don’t want to do anything about that!

Logan Morrison is going to be an outstanding big league hitter over his career with a few all star appearances, and this is how you treat him? You might as well trade him now. The fact that you go out of your way to protect your whiny “super star” (Hanley Ramirez) and fire your OUTSTANDING manager over it- shows that you have no idea how to run a big league club.

That is why I’m personally going to nominate you as worst owner in sports. Congratulations on that Mr. Loria. You’re an outstanding addition to baseball, the state of Florida, and humanity in general.

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