Why Jim Thome Is Not A Hall Of Famer

By Joshua Casey

Now I know that the idea of Thome not making the Hall Of Fame is absurd considering the fact that only 8 players have ever hit 600 HR and only 5 have done it legitimately. But if you leak beneath the surface of the 600 home runs Thome has not really done that much throughout his career. Now even though Thome has been a home run machine throughout his career he has only led the league in homers once. Thome’s highest finish in the MVP voting was fourth place which was in 2003, he also finished sixth once and seventh twice. In Thome’s 21 seasons in the MLB he made the All- Star only 5 times, now not counting his first four seasons that is still only 5 appearances in the All- Star game in 17 years. The fact that Thome did not stand out in his prime and did not receive many votes for MVP clearly show where he stands amongst writers and fellow players.

Many fans remember the great Mike Mussina who with his record definitely deserved to be in the Hall Of Fame, he had 270 career wins, 6 season with 18 or more wins, & seasons in the top ten of the league for ERA, five All- Star appearances and, 7 Gold Gloves. Jim Thome embodies Mussina’s career the only difference is that Thome did it as a hitter. Now Mussina had a great career and Thome is having a great career thus far, there are no real moments in both their careers that have transcended baseball and caused all of sports fans to stop and watch.

Jim Thome was never a transcendent superstar and was constantly overshadowed by better players on his team, such as the Indians of the late 90’s. A true Hall Of Famer is never doubted whether it be by the media, fellow players or coaches. Thome has been second guessed time and again on whether he truly belongs in the Hall Of Fame. Ask yourself, when you have to think twice if a guy is a Hall Of Famer does he really deserve it?


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