Trio Of Houston Veterans Placed On Waivers

By Connor Nielen

In a rather anticipated move, the Houston Astros have placed starting pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers, as well as shortstop Clint Barmes, on waivers.

If claimed, the Astros would become restricted into having to negotiate a deal to move said player only with the team that submitted the claim (or simply choose to keep him instead).

However, if a player is not claimed within two business days of being placed on waivers, then his respective organization would have the ability to work out a trade with any other team up until the August 31st trade deadline.

It is common for teams to feed multiple players through the waiver wire at this point in the season as it serves as an effective investigative tool to determine how much interest their players generate from suitors.

This is consistent with recent reports that stated that Wandy Rodriguez would likely still be moved this season to a playoff contender. However, I remain a bit sceptical that it will actually occur.

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