Rich Harden Looking Pretty Good as a Starter for the Oakland A's

By danielburt

With his 11 strike outs last night I feel it’s fair to say that Rich Harden has been very good as a starter for the A’s this season. I said earlier in the year that he shouldn’t be a starter and should be coming out of the bullpen. I still feel that is the best way to go with this injury prone pitcher but he has so far been injury free and pretty solid as a starter.

In his 9 starts for the Athletics Harden is 4 and 2 with a 3.91 era and 60 strike outs. Those are some solid numbers for a mid-seasonish starting replacement. I was very skeptical about his signing this offseason but I am very happy with what Rich has brought to the A’s.

I believe like Crisp and a few other players, Rich Harden has cleared waivers. At this point in the season good pitching is hard to come by and would be very surprised if someone doesn’t claim him. He doesn’t really have much of a chance on making the starting rotation next season with the A’s so a trade would make a lot of sense for the A’s and Rich Harden. Again, I would love to see the A’s hold on to him and have him come out the pen next season but I am not sure if the front office has that same idea.

Whatever happens I have to say I have been impressed with Rich Harden this year. He looks to be close to the same pitcher that took the mound for the A’s before all of his injury problems.

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