The Cardinals hit into 2 more Double Plays while sleeping last night

By Curtis Stelzer

The St. Louis Cardinals grounded into 2 more double plays in yesterday’s 3-0 loss to the Chicago Cubs.  The Redbirds have now grounded into 136 double plays…136!  That is just about 40% more than the next closest team in the National League.  136!  Doesn’t it seem like Albert Pujols (should have signed the extension buddy) has grounded into 78 of them – all with the bases loaded?? But Albert has only grounded into 25 double plays…yeah – only! You should have signed the extension kid.  The 25 that Albert has grounded into leads all of Major League Baseball.  Shoulda signed!  Man, I LOVE KARMA!

Per Buster Olney of ESPN, The Cardinals are on pace to shatter the National League record for GIDP (Grounded into Double Plays) with 174.  The record for NL GIDP’s is 166…ironically by the 1958 St. Louis Cardinals.  Was Tony Larussa managing that DO NOT RUN EVER team as well?  Because this 2011 version of the Cardinals sure as hell doesn’t!  The all time record for GIDP’s is 174 by the 1990 Boston Red Sox. Dear Tony, this is St. Louis and National League Baseball…a hit and run is not against the rules – and in fact – the town you manage in really enjoys watching when runners are on the move.

I know it’s only 11:10am EST and no games have started, but I think Albert just grounded into another bases loaded double play to end the inning.  Should’ve signed the extension!

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