Get Ready For a Long Week of Baseball, Oakland A's Fans

By danielburt

As an A’s fan who has been enjoying their play a little more lately I have to admit I may avoid the TV for the next week. The A’s who normally struggle against the Yankees will have to play three in New York and then if that wasn’t bad enough they will then have to head into Boston, where the A’s also struggle mightily.

So far this season the A’s record against the two teams is 2-9. If you want to really feel bad just digest the fact that the A’s have been outscored 74-46 in those games. Oh by the way the last time the A’s played these teams back to back this season they were swept in both series.

Is there any reason we A’s fans should think that maybe these two series will be any different? I don’t think so. These are the same mentally dominated pitchers pitching to the same hitters who have lit them up all season. So unless the A’s have brought in Tony Robbins to talk to their pitchers I think this will be another week of ugly baseball.

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