How Will Jared Weaver's New Contract Affect Clayton Kershaw?

By Tim Morris

However hard it may be, I will try not to mention “you know who” in this article and act like the Dodgers should have the money available in the future.

This weekend the Anaheim Angels (I’ll never call them the L_s A_____s Angels of Anaheim) resigned their young right hander in a surprise move for a Scott Boras client. Usually Scott Boras clients do not sign extensions, if they resign with their old team it’s after a bidding war has gone on after the player has filed for free agency.

So what does this mean for Clayton Kershaw? They both have had similar numbers over their career with Kershaw having a higher strikeout ratio but Kershaw is also 5 years younger and has been pretty consistent over the last 3 years. The deal Weaver signed was 5 years for a total of $85 million, which will pay  him an average of $17 million per year.

Clayton Kershaw is worth at least that if not more, so the question isn’t so much will it affect the money the Dodgers might have to pony up Kershaw but how much will it?

It’s my opinion that the Dodgers, because they’re so money strapped despite the possibility that they will shred at least 30-40 mil off this year’s payroll, if not more, will allow him to hit all his arbitration years thinking they’ll save money.

The funny thing is that this is actually the worst thing to do because as history has shown, most players who sign before they are available to become a free agent tend to sign for less money over the long term.

I believe that if the Dodgers go into arbitration with Kershaw this year and next that he will actually cost them more money (I feel that he will get at least 16-17 mil this year and 18-20 next) than if they negotiated right now. Although, if it is Frank’s plan to try and sell part or all of the team this off-season (crap I failed…I mentioned him) rather than try to hold onto the team that the smart thing to do is to have as low a payroll as possible to make it attractive to potential investors and allow them to spend as much money on players as they wish.

So I definitely feel his signing will affect how much the Dodgers give to him, and more than likely they will wait and see until next year to see if the Angels actually save money and try to use that as a leverage tool on Kershaw’s agent. Clayton Kershaw is a franchise type pitcher and is the modern day Sandy Koufax and you don’t let guys like that get away. A 5-7 year deal worth $90-100 mil is a steal for the Dodgers and they should start negotiations immediately.

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