Ryan Sweeney is Wasting Away on the Oakland A's Bench

By danielburt

Yes, I realize he is slumping a bit this month but let’s face it DeJesus and Jackson have been basically slumping all season. So what is the deal with Sweeney seeing no playing time? Is he a cancer in the club house? Is he giving no effort in practice? Something must be up otherwise I don’t understand why Sweeney is sitting the bench while these other players who are stinking it up are starting day in and day out. If one of those things was going on I would assume we would all know about it because it would come out in some baseball writer’s article.

I just hope that the A’s know what they are doing with Ryan. He isn’t now nor will he ever be a superstar player in this league. What Ryan will be is a gold glove ability outfielder with a solid bat. He is the kind of player that fits in fantastic with an already good team. I know the A’s aren’t that team now but hopefully they will be in the not too distant future and they could use a guy like this.

The A’s are unfortunately hindering his talent at the moment. Someone of Sweeney’s age should be playing everyday and developing his skills to become the best player he can be. Instead he is sitting behind a couple of has-beens and just wasting away. I just don’t understand it. I assume even non Sweeney fans would rather see him out there than DeJesus.

Just another way this organization is being poorly run.

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