The Cardinals Organization is Sooo Frustrating

By Curtis Stelzer

Sorry St. Louis Cardinals fans…I need to vent for a sec….and is there really a better spot than here? So…the Cards are in the Bottom of the 5th at Busch Stadium against possibly the best left-handed pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight.

The another one of the Cardinals starting pitchers, Kyle Lohse gets rocked.  Lohse goes 3 innings and allows 8 runs – all earned.  Way to run out there and earn that $12+ Million Dollar salary buddy.  Oh yeah…get this….Kyle gets to continue pitching for the Cardinals on the same salary next year too.  Seriously, how many organizations would pay Lohse $7 Million a year – no less 12 Mil???  And the same goes for Jake Westbrook. Are there any franchises that would have paid Westbrook $8 Million a year or more for this??  Even when Lohse was a free agent 3 seasons ago – what were the Redbirds thinking?  You don’t pay a guy $1 Million A MONTH on potential…you make him EARN it.  What have either of these guys earned in their careers besides an early shower??  Yes…I know who their manager is….yes I know he likes his face time so he pulls his starters out 6 innings earlier so the nation can see the ego that is Tony Larussa.

Dear Bill DeWitt (Cardinals Owner), if you do not clean house at the end of this year – that’s fine.  But – PLEASE – and I am BEGGING here – PLEASE do not allow GM Tony Larussa and the puppet, John Mozeliak to sign anymore borderline 5th starters for $8-$12 Million dollars a year.  This is insanity.  Why not give Mitchell Boggs a shot at the rotation.  Someone – anyone at AAA or AA can be better than what these 2 borderline Major League starters can do – especially at that salary.

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