Wandy Rodriguez Claimed By Colorado Rockies

By Connor Nielen

Breaking news:

After being placed on waivers, Astros starting pitcher Wandy Rodriguez has been claimed by the Colorado Rockies.

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Many are saying that this comes as a huge surprise, but it shouldn’t.

I reported weeks ago that Rodriguez would “likely still be traded” after coming across a story by Tracy Ringolsby, who is a prominent writer for of all media outlets, The Rocky Mountain News.

The Astros now have until Thursday afternoon to negotiate a trade with Colorado, who they are coincidentally currently visiting for a 3-game series this week.

Of course, there is always the alternative of simply allowing the Rockies to take Wandy for nothing, which would see them take on all of his remaining contract ($36 million over 3 years assuming he exercises his player option) instead.

I really like Wandy. He is a dependable, middle-of-the-rotation bulldog who doesn’t have “ace” stuff, but is extremely underrated considering how consistently effective he is at eating innings and giving his team a chance to win.

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