Brandon Allen Starting to Look Like the Real Deal

By danielburt

After two blasts during today’s game in Yankee Stadium Brandon Allen is cementing himself into that first base spot for the Oakland A’s.

Since Jason Giambi packed his bags and left for New York in 2002 the Oakland A’s have been searching for his replacement at first. Year after year the A’s failed to put a competent player at first. OK, Scott Hatteberg wasn’t that bad but everyone else sure was. I thought for a while Daric Barton might be the guy that could fill Giambi’s shoes but after failing miserably again and being demoted I felt the A’s were in deep trouble and had a big empty question mark again at first.

Then the A’s made a trade for a player that looked to be a big question to even play in the majors. Brandon Allen had been a superstar in the minors but had struggled to be even tolerable in the majors. In fact the Diamondbacks basically gave him away for a reliever from the A’s. So when he joined the team I just assumed he was a stop gap at best until the A’s brought up Anthony Recker or gave Chris Carter another shot. As I said in my last blog about Allen I assumed he was just another bust.

I am so happy to be wrong and surprised at what I have seen. Brandon Allen has been so good. Not only is he the power hitter that he showed to be in the minors but that he is also a very good defensive first baseman.

Now it has only been a few games and things can still go horribly wrong but I am going to try something different and be positive about this. I am very excited to watch him for the rest of this season and watch him grow into the future first baseman of the A’s.

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