Wainwright getting stronger day by day

By Curtis Stelzer

On Monday, the ace of the St. Louis Cardinals staff coming into the season, Adam Wainwright, threw the ball about 120 feet 50 times.  In February, Wainwright had Tommy John surgery and the day that happened – the Cardinals 2011 season was lost.  But I will admit it took a bit longer for the season to be over than I thought it would.  The Redbirds hung in there against a Milwaukee Brewers team much longer than I thought they would, but I also didn’t expect the Cincinnati Reds to be as bad as they have been this year either.

Wainwright will throw 50 more 120 foot throws later in the week, but it is anticipated that Wainwright will start throwing from a mound in September.  He will not be throwing full strength off that mound…but he is making progress – and that is a great thing for the Cardinals organization going into the 2012 season.

Wainwright did say his throwing program has been slowed because of triceps soreness, but he has worked through the muscle aches.  I will say for most pitchers that have Tommy John, it usually takes them around 18 months to be 100% back to where they were before the surgery.  And if that is the case – the Cardinals are looking at Adam being 100% back about 1 year from today.  Sounds perfect to me…just in time for the Redbirds to make a run at their 8th NL Central title.

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