Who Will be the A's Cy Young?

By danielburt

I know the A’s don’t have anyone on the roster this year who will even be in the conversation for the actual Cy Young so let’s talk about who should be the A’s Cy Young.

The A’s have several pitchers who are having a solid year for them. My personal choice for Cy Young might surprise some but before I give you my opinion let’s go through the list of candidates.

Trevor Cahill: Disappointing season to say the least. Not disappointing for a regular pitcher but for a guy who was up for Cy Young last year and supposed to be even better this year it was a disappointing season. Trevor Cahill’s 4.17 era and 9-12 record will hopefully improve next season and he can back on track as one of the league’s best young pitchers.

Gio Gonzalez: Gio has been better than I would have guessed this season. His 3.24 era and 155 strikeouts have helped him become a reliable pitcher for the Oakland A’s, something I did not see happening so quickly.

Guillermo Moscoso: Guillermo has been a huge surprise for the A’s this season. He came up to take, the also surprising Tyson Ross’ place when he went on the DL. Guillermo pitched so well that when Ross became healthy enough to comeback the A’s stuck with the less experienced Moscoso.

Brandon McCarthy: Even though McCarthy did spend a bit of time on the DL he is still chasing Cahill and Gonzalez for A’s leader in wins. Even though his strike outs are nothing to write home about his control has been fantastic. His 21 walks in 125.5 innings of work is fantastic.

My pick for A’s Cy Young this season is Brandon McCarthy. I wasn’t sure what this guy was going to bring to the A’s but he has just been such a rock for this pitching staff. I hope to see him anchoring this staff again next year. I know most would probably say Gio but McCarthy is my choice.

Still over a month to go in the season and maybe Gio or Moscoso could take over the Cy Young spot for the A’s. Who is your choice to be the A’s Cy Young?

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