Should Bob Melvin Stay?

By danielburt

I know the A’s haven’t been great since the departure of Bob Geren but they most certainly have been better. Does better mean Melvin should get another stab at the A’s though?

I say yes but not because I think Bob Melvin is a great coach. I say yes because I don’t know who else the A’s could get that would do a better job.

The A’s are a tough organization to coach for. Number one, they don’t have a great payroll and never bring in top notch talent. So their manager has to get the best out of an average bunch. Number two, the manager has to deal with Billy Beane and Lew Wolff. Lew Wolff cares more about moving to San Jose than putting a good team together and Billy Beane cares way too much. Billy, as hard as he may try, can’t keep his hand out of the cookie jar. No manager is going to be able to manage any other style other than whatever Billy wants to do.

The reality is most managers won’t touch this team with a ten foot pole. The fact that the A’s have an experienced manager that was able to turn this team around even the slightest bit is a miracle. I don’t see the A’s doing any better than Melvin.

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